Thrill your customers at every step.

End-to-end AI-powered location analytics.


What we do.


Artificial Intelligence,
Real World Insights

Unprecedented insights from your camera feeds in a slick, customizable analytics platform.


Customer Experiences.

Drives 3-5% lift in sales and loyalty with actionable intelligence derived from cutting edge AI.


Hardware Agnostic,
Infinitely Scalable.

Works with your existing camera hardware and easily scales from dozens to thousands of feeds.


Built to Respect
Customer Privacy.

Your customer is free to enjoy their experience while knowing their privacy and identity are protected.

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Computer Vision

Faimdata’s Machine Vision technology leverages the latest research in computer vision AI to extract groundbreaking customer tracking, profiling, and engagement analytics.


Go from Anecdotes
to Real-Time Insights.

Intuitive, visually enthralling analytics portal with insights for each level of your management hierarchy -  from local managers all the way up to the CEO.



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Founding Team.


Born in the global AI capital, Faimdata brings together an eclectic mix of experts united by their passion for AI and retail customer experience.


Ari Himmel

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Michael Whitehouse

Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer


Bin Zhu

Co-Founder and Chief Technical Officer

Sounds like your dream job?

Be part of a team that is solving the most challenging problems in computer vision AI, while redefining location-level analytics. 


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