Apache Spark Training

Faimdata’s Apache Spark training enables your IT teams to tackle data storage, data processing and data analysis challenges in the age of Big Data.

Who needs our help?

Finding resources qualified in Big Data technologies such as Spark and Hadoop is a challenge. Instead, a lot of
companies resort to hiring traditional software developers and training in them in these technologies.
This could be difficult if you do not already have in-house expertise on the topic.

Faimdata has market-proven Big Data expertise, as well as in-house experts (including active
contributors to the Apache Spark ecosystem).

This is why we offer on-premise Apache Spark training services.

Basic course

5 on-premise classes, including exercises, of 1 hour each, distributed over a time period of your choice.

This will help companies without pre-existing Spark expertise to develop a functional knowledge of the
Apache Spark ecosystem and related technologies. Emphasis on one or more related technologies
(such as Kafka, Cassandra, etc.) can be made upon request.

Advanced course

This is a custom, on-demand set of classes for more in-depth expertise on selected topics
(example: Spark MLLib, Spark Streaming, Apache Kafka, DataFrames and Spark SQL, etc.).

We’re ready to support your digitization.