Every marketer’s dream platform

Powerful. Scalable. Secure.

The Faimdata Platform helps you target, acquire, retain, and delight customers like never before.

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Faimdata platform

Single source of truth

No need to task your BI team with complex ETL jobs or architect messy data engineering workflows. Faimdata wires all your customer data sources together to give you a single point of visibility into the customer experience.

Unify your data sources
Machine vision

Map out the entire customer journey

Track every CX touchpoint along the customer journey from start to finish, including real time e-commerce funnels, digital journey maps, and revolutionary Machine Vision in-store shopper behavior tracking.

Ultra-relevant segmentation

Build rich customer segments on-the-fly and predict their likelihood to purchase. Or sit back and let cutting edge machine learning algorithms sift through your data and identify your highest value clusters.

Faimdata platform

Let your AI models run wild

Seamlessly embed personalized recommendations and predictive intelligence into your ESP, ecommerce platform, media stack, or service desk. Deliver laser-focused offers that resonate with customers and maximize marketing ROI.

End-to-end, fully managed platform and services

Data Cleansing & Integration

Say goodbye to messy, siloed customer data. We extract data from your marketing apps, DBs, and even flat files, and stitch it all together in a clean, intelligible format.

Customer Identity Reconciliation

No more question marks caused by anonymous transactions. We reconcile cross-channel, cross-device customer identities with extremely high accuracy.

Customer Insight Portal

Analyze customer value, visualize the customer journey, filter and explore customer groups, and view in-store traffic patterns using our mobile-friendly insight portal.

AI-Powered Recommendation Engine

Machine learning feeds your ecommerce site, mobile app or email marketing platform with the perfect, targeted product offer for each customer.

Rich Customer Segmentation

Our algorithms surface your core customer segments, which allows you to you craft messages and campaigns that will resonate with them like never before.

Powerful Predictive Intelligence

Which customers will spend more with you in the next 12 months? Which are at risk to churn? With our predictive intelligence engine, you can peer into the future.

Find out how your data can be used to create lasting customer loyalty