Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation

Most companies manage databases for all of their customer interactions and data intelligence.
Yet almost three quarters of marketers do not have a true single customer view,
leaving them unable to fully automate their marketing efforts.

Faimdata will help you achieve and exceed these objectives:

  • Improve precision of targeting and acquisition

  • Streamline your marketing investments for greater returns

  • Take your predictive marketing beyond providing general recommendations

  • Identify your most profitable channels that produce the most profitable customers,
    and optimize marketing mix based on intelligence

  • Hyper-target microsegments and increase conversions at accelerated rates

Consumer Data Enrichment

Establish richer connections with your customers through easier, and faster, data cleansing.

Automate your data cleansing, clustering and segmentation to define a true single customer view. Faimdata’s clustering techniques are statistically rigorous in discovering the most profitable customer data points.


Utilize our software to predict when, why and which customers will return or leave. Flag at-risk customers
in order to take positive steps to retain more customers.

Better understand who will respond to your emails, promotions, and what it takes to convert a casual browser into a
loyal shopper in real-time. Identify the criteria that yield greater campaign outcomes. Do this at scale
whilst predicting engagement and streamlining your marketing investments.

Email campaign automation

Did you know that 50% of marketers send the same email to all recipients? Or that 65% of those marketers
send the same number of emails to those recipients, regardless of their preferences?

These are undesirable practices that will prevent you from outsmarting your competition. One fifth of users will
unsubscribe if an email is irrelevant to them, especially if the content is boring or repetitive.
Our tools help you to be more impactful with a lower labor intensity.

The right subject line, at the right time, will draw your customers in. The perfect email content
enhances sales and retention rates.