Machine Learning & Artifical Intelligence

Most companies are sitting on a data mine that is under-utilized, due to lack of expertise or resources. Faimdata’s machine learning & AI services will enable your technology stack to fully exploit the “gold mine” of data at your disposal.

Faimdata has a team of highly-skilled machine learning specialists with proven expertise in the following areas:

Time series analytics and forecasting

Data points organized in a chronological fashion are notoriously difficult to forecast. Whatever your time-data series, Faimdata can help you build forecasting models that exceed the performance of your competitors.

Text Mining and Natural Language Processing

Our text mining and NLP expertise covers a wide variety of business cases, including:

Automatic extraction of structured data from unstructured text.

Interfacing with software by using natural language.

Sentiment and trend analysis from news, social media, etc.

Recommender systems

In addition of explicit rating information and implicit feedback information, our advanced recommendation
techniques can exploit extra user profiles and product profiles.

This yields recommendation with higher accuracy, on new products, and to new customers.

Machine vision, Visual pattern recognition

Extracting objects, patterns or semantic labels (identification of the objects in the image) from static images
or live video is one of our specialties. While this is a field in constant evolution, Faimdata remains
at the cutting edge in terms of machine vision capabilities.

Machine learning & Deep learning

Faimdata’s data scientists are highly proficient in machine learning approaches such as clustering, classification, regression, frequent pattern mining, as well as the use of deep learning techniques.

We’re ready to support your digitization.