Data Engineering

You no longer need to struggle with how, when and where to implement your data-driven regime.

Let our Data Engineering Services remove the anxiety and complexity of taking your company to the next level of data consumption. Our seamless digital applications allow you to immediately extract valuable and actionable insights.

We offer a minimally-invasive customized implementation, and incorporate buying; selling; pricing; marketing; loyalty; purchasing; allocation; distribution; and customer service.

Is your company currently at one of the following three stages with regards to their data infrastructure?


Do you need to consolidate isolated, legacy data silos of disconnected, heterogeneous databases?

Faimdata can connect your disparate data sources and unify them into a coherent, whole database that
facilitates a single point of access and establishes one single customer view.


Do you have a unified data platform in place without the the infrastructure ready to support vast quantities of data
(often called Big Data)?

Faimdata will enable your data infrastructure and your technology stack to fully analyze
your data at new levels of volume and complexity.


Do you have a united data infrastructure, but do not yet have the analytics or automation pipelines to take advantage?

Faimdata’s data scientists can identify and build the most desirable analytics stack required to obtain
actionable insights and automation from your data.