Customer Journey Intelligence

Start each journey with your destination in mind. Just as your customers do.

Imagine you could identify their route and make their path to conversion simpler and quicker. A more enjoyable experience with your brand. You can, by combining multiple-sources data of high volume, variety and velocity.

Why do we include, amongst others, purchase, service, demographic data, and behavioral data with temporal information?

Because temporal data derives context to make marketing relevant. You can appropriate communications at each stage of the purchase cycle, and in time, achieve sophisticated multi-touch attribution in marketing.

You could be personalizing every customer experience for the best. A win-win situation for all.

Retention and reactivation

Some research has indicated that it is up to 80% cheaper to upsell to an existing customer than acquire a new one, driving far greater returns.

The most important fact is that once customers are acquired, the best strategy is to focus on engagement to grow their purchase habits.

It is also roughly 10 times cheaper to reactivate a lapsed customer than acquire a new one.

Especially if you have accurate data to identify them with.

Faimdata can help you swiftly increase your retention rates, delivering greater ROI against marketing efforts.


Acquisition, however, is still a vital element of out-growing your competition.

It can take up to 10 marketing touches to acquire a new customer.

Easily identify, both short and long term, opportunities to growth-hack your customer acquisition, using predictable and substantiated methodologies.

Easily scale your customer acquisition
by identifying the most cost effective
omni-channel marketing methods.

Better understand your customers’
online and offline behaviours
to deliver a highly customized service
beyond your competitors’ capabilities.


Customer experience drives brand equity. Every customer should be treated as a uniquely important guest. Use our dashboard to identify the key drivers and interests to ensure you deliver a unique service to your customers.

Drive brand uplift by understanding consumer preference and propensity to purchase. Optimize relevancy and timing of communications.


Faimdata’s software and continued support can help you combine all of the above to ensure the ultimate brand experience for your customers.

By continuing to surpass your customers’ expectations you’ll reduce churn and increase lifetime values.

Ensure retention of your customers
whilst also driving higher lifetime values.